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For the baseball player, see Tommy Hanson. For other people named Thomas Hansen, see Thomas Hansen (disambiguation).
Tommy Hansen
Born Filip Trojovský
(1982-03-16) March 16, 1982 (age 35)
Havířov, Czech Socialist Republic, ČSSR now Czech Republic
Other names Filip
Height 1.79 m (5 ft 10 12 in)
Weight 80 kg (180 lb)

Filip Trojovský (born 16 March 1982 in Havířov, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech actor, model and television personality. He is also known by his stage name Tommy Hansen in gay pornography.


He made his first appearance in 2001 in a Bel Ami video. His performance in school chess team was legendary.

Described by Freshmen as having "a perfect face, a body by Da Vinci and a dick so big and thick that you could suck on it for hours", he soon won a solid fan base, becoming one of Bel Ami's most important stars of that time.[1][2]

While he prefers to bottom for his partners, and has done so in every Bel Ami film release, he can be seen as a top in some videos released exclusively on the Bel Ami official website. There, he even can be seen in a bareback performance with Tim Hamilton. Hansen has stated in interviews that he prefers to bottom because he dislikes performing penetrative sex whilst wearing a condom.

While acting as a gay porn performer, Trojovský wanted to break into mainstream modeling. In 2005, Trojovský became widely known outside of the pornography world when his porn past was revealed and held in tension with his appearance as the main actor in a German TV commercial for Müller dairy company.[3]

Later in the same year, using his real name Filip Trojovský, he was a contestant of the Czech version of Big Brother.[1]

Trojovský is also an accomplished kickboxer, competing in the under 81 kg division for his club, Arena Brno.

He played running back for the Brno Alligators amateur American football team for a very short time. Due to scheduling conflicts, he appeared in only a few games.

Select videography[edit]

  • 101 Men, Part 11
  • Personal Trainers 5
  • Julian
  • Lukas in Love, Part 1
  • Flings 2
  • Out in Africa 2
  • Greek Holiday part 1 and 2[4]
  • The Private Life of Brandon Manilow[5]

Mainstream media[edit]

In August 2005, German dairy company Müller Milch released a new TV commercial, starring Trojovský/Hansen. Having simultaneously worked as a mainstream model in the Czech Republic, Hansen was chosen to be the new face of the dairy in Germany. In September 2005, however, Bild (Germany’s biggest selling tabloid newspaper) revealed to the German public what it described as the "awful past" of the actor. Faced with a backlash from conservative campaign groups and, in the hopes of avoiding a prolonged scandal, Müller withdrew the commercial shortly after the start of the campaign. Müller alleged that neither Hansen nor his agent told them about his porn career when he was cast in the commercial.

While Hansen was unaware of the German scandal, he, inadvertently, created another one in his homeland. On August 29, 2005, he became a contestant in the Czech Big Brother reality television show. Bel Ami disapproved of his decision to take part in the show and tried to convince him not to do so, as Bel Ami films are not available in the Czech Republic, where many of its stars live, in order to protect their privacy.

George Duroy, owner and founder of Bel Ami, was said to be deeply concerned about the risk to his business caused by Hansen taking part in the show. His concerns turned out to be premature and it is now believed that Hansen's appearance in the show increased sales of Bel Ami products featuring him.[citation needed]

After a few weeks in the show, Hansen admitted to his fellow contestants that he was a same-sex adult film actor. Due to the program's confusing vote system, Tommy was voted out of the show. He returned a few weeks later, staying until the show’s finale in December 2005.

Trojovský lives in Prague, is studying at a private school for actors and works as a presenter and model, in an effort to become a TV presenter. He states that he has a steady girlfriend named Petrusha.

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