Tomorrow's Child (film)

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Tomorrow's Child
Directed by Raymond Menmuir
Written by Alan Seymour
Based on play by John Coates
Release date
9 April 1957 (Sydney) (live)
26 April 1957 (Melbourne) (taped)
Running time
66 mins
Country Australia
Language English

Tomorrow's Child is an Australian television movie, or rather a live one-off television play, which aired in 1957 on ABC. It is notable as an early example of Australian television comedy and was Australia's first live hour long drama.


Promoted as A satirical comedy of the future,[1] it was set in a fictional police state.

It was based on a 1947 play by John Coates, and written by Alan Seymour.[2]


It aired on Sydney station ABN-2 on 9 April 1957. A kinescope was made of the broadcast and shown in Melbourne on ABV-2 on 26 April 1957, it is not known if the kinescope recording still exists. Cast included James Condon, Janette Craig, Queenie Ashton, and Mayne Lynton.[3] Craig and Ashton later were regulars on Autumn Affair (1958-1959), the first Australian-produced television soap opera.


  • James Condon
  • Janette Craig
  • Queenie Ashton
  • Mayne Lynton
  • Tom Farley
  • Bernard Barber

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