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For the soap opera character, see Tony Lord (One Life to Live).

Tony Lord is a United Kingdom gardener, photographer and author. In 2005 the Royal Horticultural Society awarded him the Victoria Medal of Honour (V.M.H) for his work as a garden photographer, horticultural consultant and writer.[1][2]

Lord started out as a social anthropologist. In Micronesia, he studied the connections between nature and indigenous peoples, and became very interested in plants and their interactions.[3]

Lord received his gardening training at Kew Gardens, holds a doctorate in horticulture, and later was the Gardens Adviser for the British National Trust.[4] For over ten years he has edited the Royal Horticultural Society annual publication Plant Finder, and he is a regular contributor to the magazine The Garden.

Lord's first book, Best Borders,[5] won the Garden Writers' Guild award for the best general gardening book of 1994. His book Gardening at Sissinghurst[6] took a new and deeper approach to garden analysis[7] and has been translated into German, French and Dutch.


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