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Tony Pinkney (born 1956) is Senior Lecturer in the Department of English, Lancaster University, England. He played an active role in Oxford English Limited (OEL), a leftwing group pressing for progressive reforms in the Oxford University English Faculty between 1982 and 1992, and edited its journal, News from Nowhere: Journal of the Oxford English Faculty Opposition. Fred Inglis has asserted in his biography of Raymond Williams that ‘Tony Pinkney was the moving spirit of OEL’.[1] Pinkney’s work on Raymond Williams challenged the notion of Williams as a doggedly realist writer and argued instead for his openness to certain currents in modernism and postmodernism. Pinkney’s most recent work has focused on William Morris and utopianism and he now runs a well-known blog on this topic, 'William Morris Unbound'. In August 2011 he launched the Kelmsgarth Press [1] with Makiko Minow, and he is now working on News from Nowhere Two, a sequel to Morris's utopia.


Edited collections[edit]

  • Raymond Williams, The Politics of Modernism: Against the New Conformists (London: Verso, 1989).
  • ‘Walter Benjamin in the Postmodern’, New Comparison, no 18, 1994
  • We Met Morris: Interviews with William Morris, 1885-96 (Reading: Spire Books Ltd, 2005), ISBN 1-904965-03-2


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