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Migita Toshihide

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Toshihide Migita (右田 年英, Migita Toshihide, 1862 - 1925), also known as Oju Toshihide or Toshihide was a Japanese artist, creating work in traditional ukiyo-e prints and painting in the Western syle.[1]

Migita was apprenticed to Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. He also studied with Kinisawa Shimburō (1847–1877), who was an artist who had trained in Britain.[1]

Starting in 1877, his work was published in newspapers and magazines. His portraits of kabuki actors (yakusha-e) were well known.[1]

His war prints (戦争絵, sensō-e), in triptych format are considered to be important historical documents. This work documents Japan's participation in the First Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War.[1]

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