Razed in Black

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Razed in Black
Origin 'Ewa Beach, Hawai'i, United States
Genres Electro-industrial, Electronica, Futurepop, Trance, Gothic rock[1]
Years active 1994–present
Labels Cleopatra Records, Hypnotic
Website razedinblack.net
Members Romell Regulacion

Razed in Black (RiB) is a gothic electronic music act created by Romell Regulacion (vocals, keyboards, guitars) and is supported in live performances by band members Chris Nelson and Raj Kapololu.[2] The band was formed in Hawaii in 1994 and signed to Cleopatra Records in the following year.[3] RiB's music combines elements of industrial, synthpop, dark wave, gothic rock, and hardcore techno. Mostly an underground act, RiB have had songs featured on television shows like Homicide: Life on the Street, in movies, and in videogames.[3]

Regulacion has also released material under the names DJ R<I>B, DJ Skooby,[3] and Transmutator. Transmutator incorporates more techno and hard electro/beat elements in its musical style, while Razed in Black has more lyrically-based songs with a darker tone and a heavier pop/rock influence.



  • Shrieks, Laments, and Anguished Cries (1996)
  • Overflow (1997)
  • Funky Disco EP (1997) (as Transmutator)
  • Take Over (1997) (as Transmutator)
  • The Colony of Sluts (1999) (as Transmutator)
  • Sacrificed (1999)
  • Oh My Goth! EP (2001)
  • Damaged (2003)
  • Share This Poison - Retrospective (2012)

Compilations and remixes[edit]

Appearances in movies, television, and video games[edit]

  • The Rage: Carrie 2 features "What's Fair?" by RiB & "My Wonderful Friend" by Transmutator during the movie but was not included on the official soundtrack.[4]
  • Ginger Snaps features "Overflow", not included on official soundtrack[5]
  • The independent film Strange Life: The Breech features "I've Suffered Long Enough"
  • The WB's Mission Hill features music by Razed In Black
  • NBC's Homicide: Life on the Streets features music by Razed In Black
  • "Pursuit," "Future Unknown," "Power", and "Cyberium (Endurance Mix)", from Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries, appear in the 1997 THQ fighting video game Vs.
  • The first episode of the television series Hellcats features their cover of Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy".[6]
  • "A Fifth Of Beethoven" by Transmutator is featured in Mystery Men.
  • A version of "Visions" with the intro omitted was featured in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.


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