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Song by The Doors
Released July 1972
Recorded May 1972 – June 1972
Genre Rock, psychedelic rock
Length 2:59
Label Elektra
Songwriter(s) Robby Krieger
Producer(s) The Doors
Bruce Botnick

"Treetrunk" is a song recorded and released in 1972 by The Doors.

"Treetrunk" was recorded by the surviving members of The Doors as they assembled material for their second and final album, Full Circle, following the death of Jim Morrison. "Treetrunk" was released as a B-side for the "Get Up and Dance" single released by Elektra Records in July 1972, and was thus on the penultimate Doors single release.[1]

Non-album track[edit]

"Treetrunk" is one of only three non-album B-sides to be released by the Doors. The other two are "Who Scared You" (the B-side of "Wishful Sinful", issued on Elektra in May 1969) and "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further" (the B-side of "Love Her Madly" on Elektra in March 1971), both of which appeared on the compilation album Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine.[2]


Writer Robby Krieger felt "it sounded too commercial",[3] and the track was left off the album.

Until 2010, the only commercial release of "Treetrunk" was the 1972 single release. As a result, the song is one of the rarest and least known by The Doors. Videos of the 45 being played are available on YouTube.

In 2010, "Treetrunk" was re-released as one of three bonus tracks on the Howling Wolf Records issue of Other Voices and Full Circle on a single CD.[4]

The song has since been given official release as part of the Japan edition of the Doors Singles Box issued in 2013. [5]

In September 2017 the song was released on the Singles Box-set.


  • Ray Manzarek - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
  • Robby Krieger - Guitar, vocals
  • John Densmore - Drums
  • Jack Conrad - Bass


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