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Beta Beta Beta
Founded 1922
Oklahoma City University
Type Honor Society
Motto Blepein Basin Biou "To See the Foundation of Life"
Colors Blood red and leaf green
Flower American Beauty rose
Members Over 200,000 collegiate
Headquarters University of North Alabama
Florence, Alabama

Beta Beta Beta (also called TriBeta), is a collegiate honor society and academic fraternity[1] for students of the biological sciences. It was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University by Dr. Frank G. Brooks and a group of his students. As of 2012 it has 553 chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico and over 200,000 members. The society's journal, BIOS, publishes research papers by undergraduates.


In 1922, Frank Brooks proposed the organization of a biology fraternity to a group of biology majors at Oklahoma City University. Five students joined him to join the first or Alpha Chapter. In 1923, a student from Simpson College attended a summer session at Oklahoma City University, and expressed interest in the society. Upon returning to Simpson College a charter was applied for and granted as Beta chapter, however the chapter was not installed until 1927. By that time, both Gamma chapter at Western State College and Delta at Southwestern College had been installed. In December 1925, representatives from Alpha, Gamma and Delta chapters met, decided that Beta Beta Beta would no longer be secret, abolished the rituals used until that time, formed a National Organization and elected National Officers.[2]

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