Trial by Fire (comics)

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Trial by Fire
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Cover to Trial by Fire #1
Publication information
Publisher Code6 (CrossGen)
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date January – May 2003
Number of issues 5
Main character(s) Andacanavar
Creative team
Writer(s) Scott Ciencin
Artist(s) Ron Wagner
Letterer(s) David Lanphear
Colorist(s) Caesar Rodriguez
Creator(s) R. A. Salvatore
Editor(s) Ian Feller
Ron Marz
Collected editions
Trial by Fire ISBN 1-931484-62-7

Trial by Fire is five-issue mini-series published in 2003 by CrossGen. The story was plotted by R. A. Salvatore and Scott Ciencin, scripted by Scott Ciencin, with art by Ron Wagner and colors by Caesar Rodriguez.

It is based on the Salvatore's The DemonWars Saga and focuses on the elven trained barbarian ranger Andacanavar.


In Trial by Fire, we meet a young Andacanavar as he embarks on one of his earliest adventures. With his Elven-forged blade and improbable allies, the ranger fights to save a world of magic from the ravages of a DemonWar.

Collected editions[edit]

The series has been collected into a trade paperback:


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