Trifinio biosphere reserve

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Trifinio biosphere reserve
Reserva de biósfera Trifinio
Country Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras
Region Chiquimula/Santa Ana
Municipalities Esquipulas/Metapan, Concepción de las Minas/Metapan
Landmark Cerro Montecristo
Highest point Cerro Montecristo
 - elevation 2,400 m (7,874 ft)
Area 221 km2 (85 sq mi)
Date 1987

The Trifinio biosphere reserve is located where El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras meet their border, thus the prefix tri in its name. It covers an area of 221 km2 and was created in 1987 to protect the Montecristo's cloud forest and its rare flora and fauna.[1] The dense cloud forest of oak and laurel trees, that grow up to 30 meters, houses rare wildlife species like the two-fingered anteater, striped owls, toucans, agoutis. pumas and spider monkeys.

The Montecristo massif is an area where the borders of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador meet, and its protection was a joint initiative of these three countries, which resulted in the creation of the Montecristo Trifinio National Park in Honduras and the Montecristo National Park in El Salvador, as well as the Guatemalan Trifinio biosphere reserve.

The protection of the Montecristo massif was part of a broader plan, known as the Trifinio plan, to develop this border region.[2][3]


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