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Trimurti film.jpg
Directed by Mukul Anand
Produced by Subhash Ghai
Written by Karan Razdan
Starring Anil Kapoor
Jackie Shroff
Shah Rukh Khan
Saeed Jaffrey
Himani Shivpuri
Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Cinematography Ashok Mehta, Rajiv Jain[1][2]
Release date
22 December 1995
Running time
181 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 11 crore (equivalent to 46 crore or US$7.2 million in 2016)[3]
Box office 15. 56 crore (equivalent to Bad rounding hereFormatting error: invalid input when rounding or US$Bad rounding hereFormatting error: invalid input when rounding in 2016)

Trimurti (Hindi: त्रिमू्र्ति, Urdu: تْرِمورتِ‎, translation: "Trinity") is an Indian film starring Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Shahrukh Khan, which was released in 1995. It was the last completed film for director Mukul S. Anand who died while filming Dus in 1997. The film failed to do well at the box office, despite debuting a record opening weekend of around 3.07 crore (equivalent to 13 crore or US$2.0 million in 2016) nett, and becoming the "first film to record a 1 crore (equivalent to 4.2 crore or US$650,000 in 2016) nett opening day."[4][5] The background score was scored by Koti who is a famous composer in


The notorious Khokha Singh entraps dedicated police inspector Satyadevi Singh (Priya Tendulkar). She has three extraordinary, powerful children Shakti (Jackie Shroff), Anand (Anil Kapoor) and Romi (Shahrukh Khan), the last of whom was born while she was in jail. They are her Trimurti, who she hopes will assist her in avenging her humiliation. What she doesn't know is that Anand and Shakti had a fight when they were kids. Anand left the house, starts working for Peter (One of the Khokha's Blackmarket business man) and is assumed dead.

After 18 years Shakti and Romi live together and think their mother is dead. Their uncle tells them she is hoping that the brothers will once again become their mother's Trimurti. Shakti works for the military. Romi is in love with a higher class girl named Radha. They love each other so much that they decide to die when they cannot get married. After pleading with his brother and almost drinking poison, he and Shakti go to Radha's house to ask for her hand but Shakti is humiliated.

Romi runs away from home and become successful. He starts working for Khokha Singh without knowing the issues between Khokha Singh and his mother. Romi meets Sikander, a rich man working in the black market; he feels sympathy for Romi because he is a romantic at heart. He helps Romi become rich.

Sikander goes to Romi's village after hearing some religious music from there. He sees a picture of his mother — who is Shakti and Romi's mother. He slowly tries to rekindle his relationship with Shakti, but once again they have a fight and Shakti learns that he is Anand. After 18 long years, Satyadevi is released from jail due to good behavior. She learns from her brother, Bhanu, that all is not well with her sons. Shakti is an emotional wreck; Anand aka Sikander and Romi are working for Khokha Singh, who has assigned him the task of abducting and killing Satyadevi. In the end after a lot of hardships, the three brothers come together, kill Khokha Singh, and save their mother.



The film began production in 1994 with a release set for December 1994 and originally the three main lead roles were set to be played by Jackie Shroff, Shahrukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt had shot some scenes for the film before being sentenced to a prison term. To avoid any further delays, producer Subhash Ghai decided to recast his role with Anil Kapoor replacing him. The film was eventually completed for release in December 1995.[6] role of Sanjay Dutt was also offer to Aditya Pancholi but he refuse due to some issue with production team, many actors like Chunky Pandey Sunil Shetty and Arbaaz Khan were considered for the role but finally that role was goes to Anil Kapoor


Soundtrack album by Laxmikant Pyarelal
Released 1995 (1995)
Language Hindi
No. Title Writer(s) Singers Length
1. "Very Good Very Bad"   Udit Narayan, Vinod Rathod 06:23
2. "Very Good Very Bad"   Instrumental 06:23
3. "Sadiyan Saal"   Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik 08:09
4. "Mujhe Pyar Karo"   Vinod Rathod, Manhar Udhas, Alka Yagnik 07:21
5. "Mujhe Pyar Karo"   Instrumental 07:20
6. "Mata Mata" Kader Khan Vinod Rathod, Kavita Krishnamurthy 07:39
7. "Bol Bol Bol"   Udit Narayan, Sudesh Bhonsle, Ila Arun 07:55
8. "Ae Ri Sakhi"   Kavita Krishnamurthy 05:28

Box office[edit]

Trimurti grossed 14.24 crore (US$2.2 million) in India and $375,000 (1.32 crore) in other countries, for a worldwide total of 15.56 crore (US$2.4 million), against its 11 crore (US$1.7 million) budget. It had a worldwide opening weekend of 5.09 crore (US$800,000), and grossed 8.36 crore (US$1.3 million) in its first week.[7]


It opened on Friday, 22 December 1995, across 310 screens, and took a record opening of 1.06 crore (US$170,000) nett, becoming the first film to record 1 crore (US$160,000) nett opening day. It grossed 3.07 crore (US$480,000) nett in its opening weekend, and had a first week of 5.04 crore (US$790,000) nett. The film witnessed a drop in collections, and earned a total of 8.57 crore (US$1.3 million) nett. It was declared "Flop" by Box Office India.[7]


It earned $375,000 (1.32 crore) outside India.[7]

'Trimurti' worldwide collections breakdown
Territory Territory wise Collections break-up
India Nett Gross:
8.57 crore (US$1.3 million)
Total Gross:
14.24 crore (US$2.2 million)
(Outside India)
$375,000 (1.32 crore)the PG
Worldwide 15.56 crore (US$2.4 million)


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