Triumphal arch, Chișinău

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Triumphal arch
Arcul de Triumf
Chisinau Center.jpg
The Triumphal arch and Nativity Cathedral
Coordinates 47°1′29″N 28°49′57″E / 47.02472°N 28.83250°E / 47.02472; 28.83250Coordinates: 47°1′29″N 28°49′57″E / 47.02472°N 28.83250°E / 47.02472; 28.83250
Location Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale, Central Chişinău
Designer Luca Zauşkevici
Type Triumphal arch
Material white stone
Width 10 metres (33 ft)
Height 13 metres (43 ft)
Beginning date 1840
Opening date 1841
Dedicated to Russo-Turkish War

The Triumphal arch is a monument situated in Central Chişinău next to the Nativity Cathedral on Piața Marii Adunǎri Naționale nr. 2 and directly opposite Government House.


The Triumphal arch was built in 1840 by the architect I. Zauschevic and thanks to the governor's of Bessarabia initiative to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire during the Russo-Turkish War (1828–29). From its construction to 2011 the monument sheltered at its second level a huge bell of nearly 6400 kg (400 Puduri). It was smelted with the copper of the cannons captured by the Russian forces from the Ottoman Empire. The bell "clopote–velican" was initially made for the cathedral's belfry but happened to be too big for it. Finally it was installed in this arch, which was designed in purpose. The monument and the mechanism of its clock were fully restored in 1973.