Tropical Storm Lisa

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The name Lisa has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, one in the Western Pacific Ocean, one in the Southwest Indian Ocean and three in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Lisa is used on the six-year lists in the Atlantic. Lisa is not to be confused with Liza, which was used in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Hurricane Lisa (1998) – travelled north in the central Atlantic without approaching land.
  • Hurricane Lisa (2004) – formed off Cape Verde, a named cyclone in the central Atlantic for a record 11 days before reaching hurricane strength. Never affected land.
  • Hurricane Lisa (2010) – travelled in eastern Atlantic near Cape Verde.
  • Tropical Storm Lisa (2016) – formed in eastern Atlantic in close proximity to Cape Verde, churned in the open ocean without threatening land.

Lisa was also used on the old typhoon name list:

Lisa was also used for one tropical cyclone in the Southwest Indian Ocean:

Lisa was also used for three tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific Ocean: