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Tsai Chih Chung (Chinese: 蔡志忠; pinyin: Cài Zhìzhōng; born 1948) is a famous cartoonist born in Huatan, Changhua County, Taiwan of Taiwanese origins.[1] He is best known for his graphical works on Chinese philosophy and history, most notably the philosophers Laozi, Liezi, and Zhuangzi, which he made accessible and popularised through the use of plain language and visual aid of cartoon graphics.[2] Many of his earlier four paneled works contain elements of political satire and those which are purely comical such as his well-known work, The Drunken Swordsman (大醉俠).[1]

The books of Tsai Chih Chung have been very well received by the public in both Taiwan and mainland China. They have subsequently been translated into dozens of languages including English.[2] He currently resides in Taiwan and Vancouver.



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