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Hon. Havea Tui'ha'ateiho (17 March 1910 – 4 February 1962), born Sione Fatukimotulalo, was a Tongan nobleman and Member of Parliament.[1]


He was born the son of Hon. Havea Tui'ha'ateiho Kelepi Fulilangi Havea (1874–1940) and Sinalauli'i Mafile'o (1878–1928). In 1933 he married Leafa'itulangi Seumanutafa, the daughter of a Samoan Chief. The union did not produce a child.[2]


Sione Fatukimotulalo was educated from 1919 in Australia where he was enrolled at Newington College as John Fatu.[3]


He served in Parliament as the 12th Havea Tui'ha'ateiho from 1940 until his death in Vakeli in 1962.


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