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Julgi Stalte performing with Tuļļi Lum in Käsmu, Estonia in August 2009

Tuļļi Lum (Livonian for "hot snow"; often simplified as "Tulli Lum") is an Estonian/Livonian folk music band that was formed in 1999. They are notable for the fact that their vocalist, Julgī Stalte, is one of only approximately 10 native speakers of the nearly extinct Livonian language alive today[citation needed].

The band was formed in 1999 when the Estonian ensemble found Julgī Stalte, originally from Riga, Latvia, while she was studying music in Estonia.

The basis of much of the group's works are the books of the Estonian folklorist Oskar Loorits, while musically they are considered a fusion between authentic Livonian folk music and jazz.



  • Tuļļi Lum (2000)

Track listing:

  1. Līgõ (Let it be)
  2. Tōți broutšõb Rīgõ (Daddy went to Riga)
  3. Mäd sizār (Our sister)
  4. Astā, veļ, tȭlpa pǟl (Brother, blow your horn)
  5. Joutõmläps loul (An orphan’s song)
  6. Ōra um (It is so rare)
  7. Lōla, izā, lōla, pūoga (Sing, daddy, sing, son)
  8. Jōņ loul (Midsummer’s night’s song)
  9. Ni kīlmiz (The frost has come)
  10. Souv (Smoke)
  11. Eijō (Lullaby)

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