Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority

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Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority
Tulsa Transit logo.png
Founded 1968
Headquarters 510 South Rockford, Tulsa
Locale Tulsa, Oklahoma
Service area Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow and Sand Springs
Service type bus service, paratransit, express bus service
Routes 21
Hubs 2 Transit Centers
13 Park and Rides (locally called "Park-N-Save lots")
Fleet 63
Daily ridership approx. 10,000 [1]
Operator City of Tulsa

Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority, shorthandedly known as MTTA or Tulsa Transit[a] is the public transit system operating buses and paratransit for Tulsa, Oklahoma. In existence since 1968, the system consists of 21 regular routes and 4 night routes. It has two major transit hubs: Denver Avenue Station in downtown Tulsa and the Memorial Midtown Station in southeast Tulsa.


Tulsa Transit operates regular fixed service Monday through Saturday from early mornings to early evenings. After daytime service ceases at about 6:30 p.m. the service operates night service on its "Nightlines" until midnight.

Bus frequencies are generally about every 45 min during peak times and every 90 min during middays and on Saturday. No Sunday service is provided, which gives Tulsa a distinction of being one of the largest American cities not to be provided public transit seven days a week.


Denver Avenue Station

Tulsa Transit operates a variety of routes all over the city and into Jenks, Broken Arrow and Sand Springs, despite the setback of not running as a full-time bus fleet. Each set of routes are grouped by the first of three digits as follows:

  • 1xx - routes serving Denver Avenue Station to various parts of the city
  • 2xx - routes serving various parts of the city 'between' Denver Avenue and Memorial Midtown Stations
  • 3xx - routes serving Memorial Midtown Station to various parts of the city with no service to downtown Tulsa
  • 4xx - routes that do not serve either transit center but serve parts of the city
  • 5xx - routes serving Broken Arrow
  • 6xx - routes that run during major events as shuttles
  • 7xx - future bus rapid transit, light rail, and streetcar routes
  • 8xx - Nightline routes serving each quadrant of the city by route
  • 9xx - express routes linking downtown Tulsa and outlying park and rides

Regular Route List[edit]

  • 100 Admiral
  • 101 Suburban Acres
  • 105 Peoria Ave
  • 111 11th St
  • 112 Lewis/Jenks
  • 114 Charles Page/Sand Springs
  • 117 Union/Southwest Blvd
  • 118 West 33rd Ave
  • 203 Airport
  • 210 Harvard
  • 215 East 15th St
  • 221 21st St/Eastland Mall
  • 222 Pine/41st St
  • 251 Fast Track
  • 306 Southeast Industrial
  • 318 Memorial
  • 471 71st St
  • 508 Broken Arrow
  • 606 The Loop
  • 901 TASM/Zoo Express
  • 902 Broken Arrow Express
  • 909 Union


  1. ^ Tulsa Transit is a trademark of the MTTA[2]


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