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Rotterdam Metro station
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Coordinates 51°51′45.92″N 4°22′35.25″E / 51.8627556°N 4.3764583°E / 51.8627556; 4.3764583Coordinates: 51°51′45.92″N 4°22′35.25″E / 51.8627556°N 4.3764583°E / 51.8627556; 4.3764583
Owned by RET
Platforms 2 Island platforms
Tracks 4
Structure type Elevated
Opened 2002
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
toward De Akkers
Line C
toward De Terp
Line D

Tussenwater is an above-ground subway station of the Rotterdam Metro lines C and D. The station is located in the borough Hoogvliet in Rotterdam.

The station is situated just before the tracks of lines C and D split. Because of this, the station has four running tracks, which are situated along three platforms. The northern two tracks (for southbound/westbound trains) share one platform, while the southern two tracks each have their own platform. Because the line C track passes the line D tracks on a fly-over just east of the station, the platform for the eastbound line C trains is located higher than the other platforms.

Stairs in Tussenwater station

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