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An athlete performing a two-foot high kick at the Arctic Winter Games

One foot high kick[edit]

The Inuit one-foot high kick is a traditional competition that the Inuit Inuit that is similar to the two foot high kick.

In this competition the competitor stands on one foot, jumps in the air and hits a ball or piece of seal such as a ringed seal, which is suspended from a gallows and then lands on the same foot.

The one foot high kick tests the strength and agility of a hunter. It was also used to signal a successful hunt in some communities [1]

Two foot high kick[edit]

The two-foot high kick (akratcheak) is a traditional Inuit jumping event that occurs at many Arctic sports competitions. In the two-foot high kick, athletes must jump using two feet, touch a hanging target with both feet, and land on both feet, maintaining balance.[1] The event is often considered the most demanding Arctic sport.[2]

The event has its origin in subsistence whale hunting: when a whale was taken, a messenger would run to the village and kick both feet in the air once within eyeshot.[1][3] Villagers would then know to prepare to harvest the whale.[1][3]

As of 2007, the men's record in the event was 2,64 m (8 feet 8 inches); the women's record was 1,98 m (6 feet 6 inches).[3]

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