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Side view of Type 517 radar deployed on Type 053H3 Frigate taken during IMDEX 2007

Type 517 radar is believed to be an A-band/VHF air search radar widely deployed on PLA-N surface vessels with 4 antennas in two crossed-brace supported pairs, one above the other, mounted in pairs on each side of a single tubular support carried on the turning gear.

Similar to the Russian P-8 'Dolphin'/KNIFE REST radar which China manufactures and deploys for the HQ-2 surface to air system complex, it is believed that Type 517 has similar capabilities and specifications. The Type 517 radar is mostly associated with sea transmission signals.

The system is manufactured by the Beijing Leiyin Electronic Technology Development Company (北京雷音电子技术开发有限公司).


  • (Specs based on P-8 KNIFE REST)
  • A - band (70 - 73 MHz)
  • Range: 300 km (est)
  • Power: 100 kW[1]
  • Pulse width: 4 - 12 us
  • Other reported names:
    • Spider (export)
    • SUR17B


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