Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover

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Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover
Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover.jpg
Place of origin Empire of Japan
Weight 4 tons
Length 5.75m
Width 1.90m
Height 2.6m
Crew 15

Towing of a Type 88 75 mm AA Gun
Engine air-cooled gasoline or diesel
Suspension bell crank
Speed 60 km

The Type 96 AA Gun Prime Mover is a Japanese 6-wheeled prime mover used during the Second World War. In entered service in 1937.

During the 1920s, the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) used several types of trucks to transport Anti-aircraft guns. In 1936 the Type 96 AA "gun tractor" was developed from the Type 94 6-Wheeled truck. The Type-94 was first produced in 1934 and shown to be reliable.[1][2] First produced in 1937, the Type 96 was basically the same as the Type 94, but "the transmission was improved and a winch was added to the tail".[1] The engine utilized to power the Type 96 was produced in a gasoline version (Ko engine) and a diesel version (Otsu engine). The rear platform was "modified to carry crews and equipment" for the Type 88 75 mm AA Gun.[1] During World War II, the Type 88 75 mm AA gun was deployed to virtually every anti-aircraft field artillery unit as protection against medium level aircraft attacks.[3]

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