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Type 997 Radar on HMS Argyll (F231)

The Type 997 Artisan (Advanced Radar Target Indication Situational Awareness and Navigation) is a medium range air and surface surveillance 3D radar developed and built by BAE Systems for the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. The new radar is already installed on HMS Ocean and is being fitted to the Type 23 frigates. It will also equip the Albion-class amphibious warfare ship, Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers currently under construction and in future the Type 26 Global Combat Ships.

The Type 997 Artisan has a range of 200 km (110 nmi) at 30 RPM and is reportedly capable of tracking more than 800 or 900 targets at once. BAE Systems state that Artisan is capable of tracking targets the size of small birds or tennis balls travelling at Mach 3 with "unrivalled detection performance and world beating electronic protection measures against even the most complex jammers".[1][2]

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