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Super Typhoon Tip (Warling) (1979) is the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded with a minimum pressure of 870 mb. Tip also remains to be the largest tropical cyclone worldwide with a wind diameter of 1,300 miles. Tip weakened to a Category 1 before making landfall in Japan killing nearly 100 people.

The name Tip has been used for four tropical cyclones in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

  • Typhoon Tip (1983) (T8302, 02W, Auring) – Formed near the Philippines and hit China as a tropical storm, causing minor damage.
  • Typhoon Tip (1986) (T8612, 10W) – A Category 1 typhoon that remained well at sea.
  • Tropical Storm Tip (1989) (T8920, 23W) – A minimal tropical storm that remained well out at sea in September 1989.