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U-boat (German: U-Boot) is a German military submarine of World War I and II.

U-boat or U-Boot may also refer to:

  • U-Boot (beer cocktail), a cocktail made with vodka and beer.
  • Das U-Boot, computer software, a GNU GPL boot loader.
  • "U Boat", a song on the album Kasabian by the band of the same name
  • U-boat also refers to the "Universal Line" diesel locomotives built by General Electric; see List of GE locomotives.
  • U-boat also refers to an Australian class of interurban railcars, otherwise known as U sets.
  • U-Boats are also carts which are used in the retail industry to move boxes and supplies more quickly and safely through short passageways such as aisles of a retail store
  • U-Boat was a term for Jews hiding as non-Jews in Nazi Germany. See Stella Kübler, a "U-Boat" catcher.
  • The Southern Railway's U and U1 class locomotives were nicknamed "U-boats".
  • U-boat (video game)