Union Nationale pour la Course au Large

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Union Nationale pour la Course au Large
Burgee of Union Nationale pour la Course au Large.svg
Abbreviation UNCL
Predecessor UNC, GCL
Formation 1971
(47 years ago)
Type Yacht club
Headquarters Centre Nautique Paris-Boulogne,
Coordinates 48°50′04″N 2°13′34″E / 48.8344°N 2.2260°E / 48.8344; 2.2260
Region served
Official language
Affiliations Fédération Française de Voile
Website http://www.uncl.com/

The Union Nationale pour la Course au Large also called UNCL is a French yacht club

UNCL was established in 1971 through a merger of the Union Nationale des Croiseurs (UNC), and the Groupe des Croiseurs Légers (GCL).[1] UNC itself was formed at Brest in 1913 to organise offshore racing in France as this was outside of the statutes of the Yacht Club de France at that time.[2] GCL had been formed in 1960 by Alain Maupas to organise races for smaller craft.[3]

UNCL organises races around the French coast, including the Trophée Atlantique UNCL and Trophée Méditerranée IRC UNCL, and participates in others.

In co-operation with the British offshore racing club, RORC, UNCL is responsible for IRC, the principal international handicap system for yacht racing.[1]


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