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UNIZO (Dutch: Unie van Zelfstandige Ondernemers) is a Belgian catholic organization of Self-Employed and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME); it is mainly situated in the Flemish region of the Kingdom of Belgium.

UNIZO with over 80,000 members, is the largest Christian association of its kind. Until 2000 UNIZO was known as the Nationaal Christelijk Middenstandsverbond (NCMV). UNIZO is represented in the national labor Council and in the Economic and Social Council of Flanders.


UNIZO wants to give SMEs a voice from the local up to the European level. The organization provides information and advice to its members and stimulates networking both within Belgium as with foreign companies. Unizo helps the SME from the start up over the internationalization and to the take-over of the company.

Flor Joosen is currently the president of UNIZO; he succeeded Rik Jaeken.

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UNIZO publishes the magazine, z.o. magazine. The magazine is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. Sold commercially in Belgium, it has a run of 86,844 copies. It is the largest review in Belgium for this target group.

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