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USCGC Bollard.jpg
USCGC Bollard breaking light ice.
Class overview
  • Gibbs Gas Engine, 1961–62
  • Barbour Boat Works, 1962–1963
  • Western Boat Builders, 1966–1967
Operators: United States Coast Guard
Preceded by: 64 foot harbor tug
Built: 1961–1967
In commission: 1961–
Completed: 15
Active: 11
Retired: 4
General characteristics (1961)
Type: Small harbor tug (WYTL)[1]
Displacement: 74 tons
Length: 64 ft 11 in (19.79 m)
Beam: 19 ft 1 in (5.82 m) max
Draft: 9 ft (2.7 m) max
Propulsion: (1) 400 hp diesel, single screw
Speed: 10.6 knots max (1964)
  • 1,130 miles at maximum sustained speed of 10.6 knots
  • 3,690 miles at 7.0 knots economic speed (1964)
Complement: 5 men
Sensors and
processing systems:
SPN-11 (1964)
Armament: none

The USCG 65' small harbor tug is a class of fifteen tugs used by the United States Coast Guard for search and rescue, law enforcement, aids-to-navigation work and light icebreaking. The tugs are capable of breaking 18 in (0.46 m) of ice with propulsion ahead and 21 in (0.53 m) of ice backing and ramming.[2] They were designed with steel hulls to replace the 64 ft (20 m) wooden-hulled tugs that had been in service since the 1940s and were built by Gibbs Gas Engine Company, Jacksonville, Florida;[3] Barbour Boat Works of New Bern, North Carolina;[4] and Western Boat Builders Corporation, Tacoma, Washington[5] from 1961 to 1967. They were originally powered by a single 400 horsepower diesel engine, however several have been re-powered with 500 horsepower main drive engines since they were constructed.[1]


Name and hull number Builder[6] Commissioned[6] Disposition or
USCGC Capstan (WYTL-65601) Gibbs 19 July 1961 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[1]
USCGC Chock (WYTL-65602) Gibbs 12 September 1962 Baltimore, Maryland [2]
USCGC Swivel (WYTL-65603) Gibbs 27 October 1961 Decomm 14 April 1995[Note 1]
USCGC Tackle (WYTL-65604) Gibbs 1962 Rockland, Maine[1]
USCGC Towline (WYTL-65605) Gibbs 27 March 1962 Decomm 1995[Note 2]
USCGC Catenary (WYTL-65606) Gibbs April 1962 Decomm 1 May 1995 [Note 3]
USCGC Bridle (WYTL-65607) Barbour 3 April 1963 Southwest Harbor, Maine[1]
USCGC Pendant (WYTL-65608) Barbour August 1963 Boston, Massachusetts[1]
USCGC Shackle (WYTL-65609) Barbour 7 May 1963 South Portland, Maine[1]
USCGC Hawser (WYTL-65610) Barbour 17 January 1963 Bayonne, New Jersey[1]
USCGC Line (WYTL-65611) Barbour 21 February 1963 Bayonne, New Jersey[1]
USCGC Wire (WYTL-65612) Barbour 19 March 1963 Saugerties, New York[1]
USCGC Bitt (WYTL-65613) Western 27 May 1963 Decomm 4 October 1982[Note 4]
USCGC Bollard (WYTL-65614) Western 10 April 1967 New Haven, Connecticut[1]
USCGC Cleat (WYTL-65615) Western 10 May 1967 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[1]

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