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An unaided educational institution, is a class of private educational institutes in India. They are distinct from so-called "aided" private educational institutions. The term covers institutes ranging from primary schools to higher education colleges.[1][2][3] Unaided educational institutions can be "recognised" or "non-recognised" by the Indian government.[3]

The unaided stream is one of three primary streams of public education in some regions of India, along with "government" and "aided" sectors.[4] An aided educational institute is a private institute that is receiving aid from the Indian government.[3] The government prescribes the qualifications required for appointment as teachers in government and recognised private (aided and unaided) schools.[3]

In unaided educational institutions, salaries are paid by a private institution. In the aided sector, salaries are paid by the government. Admission of most students in aided institutes are based on merit and affirmative action, except in special cases.[5][3]


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