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Jane Wallce
Education Yale
Occupation Journalist

Jane Wallace is an American journalist. She was correspondent for CBS News as well as the news magazine West 57th.[1]


Wallace was one of the first female graduates of Yale College. While there, she also worked part-time at TV stations in Washington, DC.[2]


After graduating college, she was an on-the-air reporter for a station in New Haven, Connecticut. Wallace was sent to Central America in the 80s by CBS. During her time at CBS, she covered two international stories, the exposition of US government's mining of a Nicaraguan harbor and the hiring of drug-smuggling pilots from the CIA. She also covered the riots in Haiti.[2]

In 1994, she hosted the half hour news program Under Scrutiny with Jane Wallace on the new fX cable television channel.[3]


Wallace has a younger sister named Susan (Suki) Wallace who used to work at a TV station in Chicago. She is now a reporter at NBC's South Florida affiliate, WTVJ.[2]


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