Unity oilfield

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Unity oilfield
Unity oilfield is located in South Sudan
Unity oilfield
Location of Unity oilfield
Country South Sudan
Offshore/onshore Onshore
Coordinates 9°28′39.37″N 29°40′28.67″E / 9.4776028°N 29.6746306°E / 9.4776028; 29.6746306Coordinates: 9°28′39.37″N 29°40′28.67″E / 9.4776028°N 29.6746306°E / 9.4776028; 29.6746306
Field history
Discovery 1982

The Unity oil field is a major oil field in Unity State, South Sudan. It lies to the north of the state capital Bentiu in Rubkona County.

The oil field, and the Heglig field further north, were discovered by Chevron Corporation in 1982, and was to become one of the most productive fields in Sudan. Chevron spent almost $880 million in exploration, but suspended operations soon after the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005) began. The trigger was the killing in 1984 of three Chevron workers by Anyanya II rebels. Chevron demanded a special oilfield protection force in addition to the army. Dissatisfied with security, by 1988 Chevron had closed its operations in Unity province.[1]


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