Yazd University

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Yazd University
دانشگاه يزد
Yazd University Logo.tif
Type State
Established 1989
President Mohammad Saleh Owlia
Academic staff
Students 14000
Location Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran
Campus Urban, Rural
Website www.yazd.ac.ir/en

Yazd University (YU, Persian: دانشگاه یزد‎‎) is a public research university in Yazd, Iran. It is a major state-funded research center in central Iran and the academic center of Yazd province and was the first comprehensive institute of higher education established after the 1979 Islamic revolution.[1] It is also the principal heir to the former University College Yazd (Persian: دانشسرای عالی یزد‎‎).[1]

The university was founded in 1989 by a merger of several older institutions and grew rapidly over the years. Its main campus is located in Safaeeyeh. There are four other campuses and two autonomous schools, all located within or in the vicinity of the city of Yazd.[1]

Yazd University offers BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in more than 40 fields through its 29 departments and is home to more than 14000 students.[2]


The University currently has 3 Faculties and 2 Schools as follows:

  • Faculty of Engineering: This faculty started its activities in 1988 and includes the following departments:

1. Department of Electrical Engineering: In the early 1990s, the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (ECE) were established within the faculty of Engineering of YU. These two departments were then joined in 2008 into the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

2. Department of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering:The Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering was established in 1991. The most important research activities of this department has been holding five conferences, publishing a scientific and research journal and running a mining engineering research center.

3. Department of Civil Engineering

4. Department of Mechanical Engineering

5. Department of Computer Engineering

6. Department of Industrial Engineering

7. Department of Textile Engineering

8. Department of Chemical & Polymer Engineering

  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences: This faculty started its activities from 1977 and includes the following departments:

1. Department of Economics, Management & Accounting: The Department of Economy, Management and Accounting of Yazd University has begun its activities since 1990 initially with Industrial Management field.

2. Department of Social Sciences: The history of this department goes back to 1995, when the Department of Social Science was established. It became an independent department ten years later in 2005. This shift made it possible to employ new faculty members in different fields of social sciences. Consequently, the fields of study were expanded to make the department a place for different subjects of social studies. The inclusion of Information Science and Knowledge Studies to the department resulted in making the field of knowledge, science, and technology significant parts of the studies.

3. Department of Languages and Literature: The history of Languages and Literature Department dates back to 1976 when the Persian Literature Department was founded in Teacher Training University. Later on, it was merged with Yazd University in 1992. The Programs of English Language and Literature and Arabic Language and Literature were later added to the department in 1994 and 1997 respectively.

4. Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences

5. Department of Theology

6. Department of Geography

7. Department of Law & Political Sciences

  • Faculty of Science: This faculty includes the following departments

1. Department of Physics: The Department of Physics was established in 1982. Recently there are 5 programs; Atomic and Molecular Physics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particle Physics, Meteorology Physics.

2. Department of Mathematical Sciences: The Department of Mathematical Sciences was founded in 1977 under the name of Mathematics and initially offered only B.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Sc. and PhD in Pure and Applied Mathematics were added in 1994 and 2004 respectively. Moreover, the M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics as a new interdisciplinary branch of Applied Mathematics began in 2011. The Computer Science was founded in the Department of Mathematics of Yazd University in 2001, and since then has accepted students for the Bachelor of Science degree. From 2009, the master's degree and in 2012 the PhD degree in computer science started.

3. Department of Chemistry

4. Department of Geology

5. Department of Biology

  • School of Natural Resources & Desert Studies: This school was established in 1992. The school includes the following departments:

1. Department of Environmental Sciences

2. Department of Arid Land and Desert Management

3. Department of Watershed & Rangeland Management

  • School of Art and Architecture: School of Art and Architecture is the fourth architecture school in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and it was the first one not in the capital. Ever since its founding, the school of Architecture has built up a national reputation for excellence and is widely recognized as one of the leading academic departments of architecture in Iran. The school includes the following departments:

1. Department of Architecture

2. Department of Painting

3. Department of Urban Planning


Prof.(Associate) Jalil Shahi

Prof.(Associate) Mohammad Ali Barkhordari Bafghi

Prof. (Assistant) Mohammad Ali Vahdat Zad

Prof. (Associate) Seyed Nezamuddin Makiyan

Prof. Seyed-Ali-Mohammad Mirmohammady Maibody

Prof. (Assoc.) Mohamad Saleh Owlia

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