Unnecessary Roughness '95

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Unnecessary Roughness '95
Sega Genesis cover art
Developer(s) Accolade[1]
Publisher(s) Accolade[1]
Platform(s) DOS
Sega Genesis
Release date(s) Sega Genesis:
Genre(s) Sports[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Unnecessary Roughness '95 is a 1994 American football video game for DOS and the Sega Genesis.


First-quarter kickoff

Players can compete in exhibition games either against the AI-controlled opponent or against another human player.[2]

Regular seasons, playoffs, and Super Bowls can be played as well. One of the primary features in the game is the Construction Set; where entire teams, stadiums, and tournaments can be made from scratch. They can be traded with friends through the use of floppy disks (as in the case with the DOS version).[2] players from the 1993 NFL season are used.[3][4] These athletes have individual ratings in offense, defense, and athletic ability. A "Two Minute" drill forces a scenario where the player has to beat the computer with only two minutes left in the fourth quarter.[4]

Announcer Al Michaels calls the plays on the DOS version. A battery save function allows the saving of seasons and statistics for the Genesis version.[2][4]


Despite its name, the penalty unnecessary roughness does not exist in this video game.