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Unwound Cover Art.png.jpg
Studio album by Unwound
Released August 28, 1995
Recorded May 1992
Studio Avast Studio, Seattle WA
Genre Post-hardcore, noise rock, punk rock
Length 27:35
Label Honey Bear (CD)
Punk In My Vitamins (LP)
Producer Steve Fisk, Stuart Hallerman
Unwound chronology
The Future of What
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Unwound is the first studio album by the American post-hardcore band Unwound, although their fourth to be released. Trouser Press called the album "one of their best" [2]

Background and Recording[edit]

Recorded in May 1992, Unwound wasn't released until August 1995, at which point Unwound had already recorded and released three other albums on Kill Rock Stars. "Kandy Korn Rituals" and "Against" (the latter of which is unlisted and attached to "Kandy Korn Rituals" on this album) were previously released on a 7" by Kill Rock Stars in 1992, along with a live song called "Hating in D". "You Bite My Tongue", "Understand & Forget" and "Kids Is Gone" were released as a self-titled 7" by Gravity Records in 1993. The other songs on this album were previously unreleased. Drummer Brandt Sandeno quit before the mixing was completed, thus the album was shelved until 1995 when the band decided "it was good" and finished the mixing.[3] The vinyl version was released on Vern Rumsey's Punk In My Vitamins label.

The album became out-of-print for many years until it was reissued in the vinyl boxset Kid Is Gone in 2013.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Antifreeze" 1:51
2. "Rising Blood" 3:02
3. "Understand & Forget" 2:12
4. "Fingertips" 2:41
5. "You Bite My Tongue" 2:07
6. "Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere Again" 3:34
7. "Warmth" 2:13
8. "Prospect" 2:30
9. "Kid Is Gone" (Labeled "Kid Is Gone (Chant of Vengeance)" on Kid Is Gone) 2:11
10. "Kandy Korn Rituals/Against" ("Against" is unlisted on back cover) 5:20
Total length: 27:35


  • Justin Trosper - Vocals, Guitar
  • Vern Rumsey - Bass
  • Brandt Sandeno - Drums
  • Jane Laughlin - Photography
  • Steve Fisk - Recording, mixing
  • Stuart Hallerman - Recording


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