Upsurging People's Force

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The Upsurging People's Force (Tamil: பொங்கி எழும் மக்கள் படை) is a militant group in Sri Lanka. The group was unknown until February 2006, when it claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Sri Lankan army and navy cadre in the north and east of Sri Lanka in December 2005 and January 2006.[1] It claimed responsibility for a series of further claymore mine attacks on soldiers and police officers on 15 April 2006[2], but has not issued any public communiques since then.

The group is accused by the Sri Lankan government of being a front for the LTTE, and its attacks are therefore attributed to the LTTE by the Sri Lankan Government[citation needed]. The LTTE and the Force disclaim any connection, and say that the Force was formed spontaneously by Tamils who were tired of the fact that the peace process had not stopped their suffering.[citation needed]