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Grupo Uralita (Uralita Group)
Traded as BMADURA
Industry General Building Materials
Founded 1907
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Key people
Javier Serratosa Luján, Chairman
Products Building Insulation, Drywall, Gypsum, Roofing, Piping
Revenue Green Arrow Up.svg €1,094.9 million (2007) [1]
Number of employees
4,059 (2007-12-31)
Website www.uralita.com

Uralita is a Spanish construction materials multinational enterprise, founded in 1907. Uralita produces insulation, gypsum, roofing and piping systems.

In 2008, Uralita's sales reached 1007 million euros, out of which more than 55% was made outside Spain. Uralita has its corporate offices in Madrid. On December 31, 2008 it possessed a personnel of 4006 employees and 41 factories in operation Europe, and two under construction.

In July 2010, Spanish courts ordered Uralita to pay €3.9 million compensation to people who had lived near its Barcelona factory. The newspaper El País reported that this is the first time that a company has been ordered to compensate residents (as opposed to employees) for asbestos exposure.[2]


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