Urias McGill

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Urias McGill
Portrait of Urias McGill
Portrait of Urias McGill
Died 1866 (1867)
Occupation American businessman

Urias Africanus McGill (c. 1823 – 1866)[1] was an African-American mulatto from the United States who immigrated with his family to Liberia, West Africa, in the 19th century.[2] He was a member of the McGill family (Monrovia) and his brothers and he established a successful trading business in Liberia.


Urias McGill, the freeborn son of George R. and Angelina McGill of Baltimore, was eight years old when he migrated to Liberia with his parents and siblings aboard the Reaper. His mother died shortly after they arrived in Monrovia in February 1831. In 1854 Urias and his three brothers formed the trading concern McGill Brothers.[1]


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