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Arman Cagle

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Mail Me!

When should i send an E-Mail?[edit]

  • You are blocked and cannot contact me on my talk page.
  • You don't want any other user to be able to read the text you are sending. (Note: I may forward messages if required)
  • You want to send a copy of an article for review or improvement (Note: You can also use an user WP:Subpage for that.)
  • You don't mind a longer response time. (Talk page response time is about 24 hours, E-Mail response time is about 2 days).

In all other cases Leave a message on my talk page

What should be in the E-Mail? (Important)[edit]

  • The reason why you are e-mailing me (IE: Deleted page, Asking advice or asking why I left a warning on your talk page)
  • Your wikipedia user name you are currently using.
  • (If any) The name of the page you are discussing. I Cannot help you if I don't know what page we are talking about.
  • What you expect from me (Advice, Help or nothing at all).
  • Polite wording. While i may respond to impolite wording, e-mails that are downright swears or threats are discarded, and your e-mail will be blocked from sending further messages.