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Wikipedia is, as everyone knows, "The Free Encyclopedia anyone can edit". Therefore, it also means that unlike almost any other format, if you see something that is either:

  • Wrong
  • Misspelt
  • Poorly worded

...or anything else, for that matter, instead of pointing out a problem, why not just click on the "edit" button and Do It Yourself.

More and more, I have seen article talk pages or candidacies for Good or Featured article at which other editors have wasted quite a bit of time listing every spelling mistake they've found, or pointing out other trivial issues which would have been much easier to simply correct themselves. That's not to mention editors who just go around the encyclopedia slapping on "boilerplate" tags that so often spoil the look of otherwise good pages. As User:Hobit noted:

Wikipedia Editors are called that for a reason, but I wonder if some users have forgotten the meaning of their title. One of our key policies is to Be Bold – in other words, "If you see something that can be improved, improve it". It's only through doing this that Wikipedia will get better.

Nobody does Wikipedia for the glory – editors don't even get to claim an authorship credit on an article, even if they've spent hours writing it and it's now a far better resource than any credited book, website or newspaper. However, by everybody mucking in when they spot something that needs changing or correcting, we should be able to end up achieving our objective of creating a collaborative, free, open encyclopedia.

Therefore, if you see something that ought to be changed for the good of the project, just Do It Yourself.