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Note to self, note to others:

Always remember to assume good faith!

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I'm currently the Lead Software Architect for the Wikimedia Foundation and a member of the Mobile Apps development team. I've been around for a while.

I make no guarantees that things I write have any positive or negative relation to do with any company or person who might pay me; I am a human being with free will and will write on any subject I please within the confines of reasonableness.
See User:Brion Vibber (WMF) for official business account.

Please report bugs to to make sure we see them!

You can usually find me directly during the day on Wikimedia's IRC channels, especially #wikimedia-mobile.

Conferences, meetups, and presentations[edit]

See my past presentation slides on my site.

Upcoming meetups and conferences to plan for:

  • Wikimania 2014 - London