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Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
No one has given me a barnstar. I just found this one lying on the side of the road. Sea Captain Cormac 19:04, 12 October 2017 (UTC)
Cormac’s silly l’il boxes
The End Book.pngThis user has been to the end of Wikipedia. Have you?
Total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 by Damien Deltenre (licensed for free use). (32844461616).jpg This user saw the 2017 eclipse with his own eyes.
This user is a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Male.svgThis user is a male feminist.
atheos This user is an atheist.

HumanismSymbol.PNG This user is a humanist.
Monkeysmack.jpg This user is not a monkey, but is certainly related to some..


enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
la-2Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
sco-4This uiser's the stang o the trump whan it comes tae contreibutin in Scots.
enm-4In Englissh ðis were in weir wel spekeþ.
es-3Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel avanzado de español.


Globe of letters.svgThis user can speak .
R This user is a Ravenclaw.
This user knows that because English is a living language, grammar and syntax are not fixed.

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No gun.jpgThis user's safety and liberty are threatened by all firearms.

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sar-NThis user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
pigIsthay userway ancay ontributecay ithway away ativenay evellay ofway Igpay Atinlay.
LipsumLorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
...This user would like to be able to speak more languages.
Majority Usage
Correct Grammar
This user recognizes that if most people make the same grammatical "mistake", it ceases to be a mistake and becomes proper grammar, for grammar has no immutable or moral "right" or "wrong" and "correct grammar" is determined by majority usage.
TheySome people are 'they'. Get over it!
mankindThis user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
ain'tThis user believes that prescriptive grammar rules stem from linguistic ignorance and are used to enforce economic class distinctions
Flag of Edward England.svg
T'is galley wench's brat were born to th' Pirates life.
Keelhaul th' wretch!
Beagle 001.jpgThis user likes both cats and dogsGatto europeo3.jpg
MeerkatAtHappyHollow white background.jpg This user is a mammal.
Status iucn3.1 EN.svgThis user never wants to see the image on the left again.
This user supports
animal personhood.
Archaeopteryx lithographica (Berlin specimen).jpgThis user knows that birds are dinosaurs.
G This user's favourite colour is Green.
Cannabis sativa.jpg This user does not use drugs, but figures people should be able to use recreational drugs in their own home if they're responsible about it.
Quietcorner.pngThis user lives in the Quiet Corner, but it may not be quiet soon.
Banniel Keltia.svgThis user has Celtic ancestry.Ccross.svg
OCDThis user suffers from OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder)
GADThis user lives with generalized anxiety disorder.
ADHDThis user has ADHD.
This user suffers from a severe case of math disability; otherwise known as dyscalculia.
Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpgThis user comes from
Planet Earth
Crystal kthememgr.svgOh no: this user has way too many userboxes.
(This userbox intentionally
left blank)
Sealandafterfire2.JPGThis user recognizes Sealand as an independent country.Flag of Sealand.svg
The Pentacle.pngThis User was named by The Devil himself.
This user knows how to
Find X.
42This user knows that the answer is 42.
Vuilnis.JPGThis user knows that his user page is a mess, and likes it that way.
ZThis user is a member of
Generation Z.
This contributor to Wikipedia is male.
agThis user identifies as androgynous.
Flag of the United States.svgThis user ardently opposes all forms of RACISM
This user believes that
Black Lives Matter
This user supports immigration and the right to travel freely upon the planet we share.
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.png This user believes the world would be a better place if everyone had access to a quality, free education.

Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg
This user supports the
United Nations and wants
to reform it.
Psychoactive Drugs.jpgThis user supports the legalization of all drugs.
This user supports protection of the environment.
Religious syms.svg This user respects the beliefs and religions of others.
Hubble ultra deep field.jpgThis user believes that the Universe began with a bang.
Lq-dna.png This user understands biological evolution.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of religion and state.* ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
Candleburning.jpg This user supports Amnesty International.
Recycle001.svg This user supports recycling.
Urbine221dc.jpg This user supports the
use of green energy.
Mafate Marla solar panel dsc00633.jpg
Star of life2.svg This user supports stem cell research.
Toroencorrida.JPGThis user thinks that bullfighting should be extinct.

"No smoking" sign with text This user supports the ban on smoking in public places.
WL Hour Glass Bottom.jpgThis user supports Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
Eugene Ivanov 2439.jpgThis user is a punk of steam.
2 This user has a

Bacon Number of two. What's yours?

Flag of Italy.svgThis user is of Italian ancestry.
Flag of Connecticut.svgThis user is a citizen of the U.S. State of Connecticut.
HumanRightsLogo.svgThis user is concerned about
Human Rights
This user believes that
Science Matters
Sunflower (Green symbol).svgThis user is a Social Ecologist.
LIBERALThis user supports legalization of Drugs, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Immigration, and Gun control.
The Gerry-Mander Edit.png
This user despises Gerrymandering.

Democratic Party logoThis user is a Democrat (United States).
Sunflower (Green symbol).svgThis user supports the Green Party.
FDR in 1933.jpgThis user is a Liberal.
Vladimir Vladimirovich PutinThis user opposes all politicians who think themselves to be an
Donald John Trump
Flag of the United States.svgThis user opposes the reign of
U.S. President Donald Trump
Bernie SandersThis user supports Bernie Sanders for President in 2020
Estelada blava.svgThis user supports the independence of Catalonia.
Flag of Scotland.svgThis user supports the independence of Scotland.
Flag of CascadiaThis user supports Cascadian regional identity or independence.
Flag of Ireland.svgThis user KNOWS Northern Ireland is part of Ireland.NIShape.gif
Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svgThis user supports Taiwan Independence.
2010ElectoralCartogramGott.pngThis user supports abolishing the Electoral College, and did before Trump won the presidency.
FSM Logo white.svgThis user believes in Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.
!This user is a Naturalist, who believes that only natural laws and forces operate in the universe.
Logo montagne Yama.svg This user is a Pagan.
MapL.pngThis user enjoys travelling.
teenThis user is a teenager, not a stereotype.

User:Terot/Userbox/Naughton arms

sis This user has a little sister
Rainbow Heart 181x182.pngThis user identifies as queer.
Polyamory.svgThis user believes marriage is between consenting adults, and that therefore polyamorous marriages should have equal legal recognition.
Gay Pride Flag.svg This user identifies as gay.
Asexuality Symbol.svgThis user identifies as asexual.

Template:User panromantic

John William Waterhouse A Mermaid.jpg
This user enjoys works of
Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock.jpgI love to Rock'n'Roll.
No LicenseThis user doesn't have a
Driver's License.
This user would rather eat
organic food
than tampered-with food
Nuvola apps important.svg
Fruitlegumes.jpgThis user is a
Chocolate02.jpg This user is a Chocoholic.
DIN 4844-2 D-P001.svgThis user abstains from
all forms of tobacco.
Legobrick.pngThis user is a Lego enthusiast

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Sun01.svgThis user likes both warm weather and cold weather.Igloo icon.svg
 SOBER This user is alcohol free.
FLThis user enjoys creating Fictional Lands
Open book 01.svgThis user is a novelist.
Teacup clipart.pngThis user loves a good cup of tea.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svgThis user loves to read.
Quenya Example.svgThis user is interested in conworlding/conlanging.Sample conworld.jpg
Molossia - President Kevin Baugh 2.jpgThis user has created a micronation.
The sun (color modified).jpgThis user refers to The Sun by its proper Latin name, Sol.
Pluto concept.jpgPLUTO is a PLANET
This user will not recognize any decision by anyone that says otherwise.
FullMoon2010.jpgThis user refers to the Moon by its proper Latin name, Luna.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user refers to Earth by its proper Latin name, Terra.
Gravitationell-lins-4.jpg This user knows what dark matter is and hates how popular culture misconceives it.
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.pngThis user supports unschooling and anarchist education.


Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpgThis user promotes efforts to counter
climate change
ThreeCoins.svgThis user collects coins.
Stamp UK Penny Red pl148.jpgThis user is interested in philately,
but prefers to call it stamp collecting.
Socktroll conspiracy theorist.jpgDo not come to this user while wearing a tinfoil hat.
Topless woman walking on Coral Beach, Jamaica.jpgThis user supports the right of all women to go without a top at the beach, the local pool, or in public.
Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svgThis user is an art lover.
Rembrandt-A-Lion-Lying-Down-207063 detail.jpgThis user enjoys drawing.
Camera-video.svgThis user enjoys filmmaking.
LBXThis user enjoys letterboxing.
LD in 3D letters in front of a lighting effect.pngThis user is interested in Lucid Dreaming
Screw.png This user has one too many screws loose. We warned you.
Anjajavy forest meets sea.jpgThis user admires all expressions of nature.Ring tailed lemur and twins.jpg
NPS map symbol canoe access.pngThis user enjoys canoeing
Noia 64 apps galeon.pngThis user enjoys sailing and boating.
Rainforrest between Kuranda and Cairns, North East Queensland.jpgThis user loves the Great Outdoors.
Antarctic Prions flying over the South Atlantic (5891182914).jpgThis user loves the SEA
Tall ship Christian Radich under sail.jpgThis user likes SHIPS. A lot.
P-3This user is able to take high-quality photographs.
Japan Japan Easter IslandThis user likes Flags
Trethevy quoit cornwall01.jpg
This user is interested in Ancient Monuments
Goodrich Castle 01.jpg
Cliffs at Alum Bay.JPG
This user likes walking by the
Topographic map example.png
This user is interested in maps and mapmaking.
Nikolaos Gyzis - Ηistoria.jpgThis user is interested in history.
Anfem.svgThis user is a queer anarchist.
Wind-turbine-icon.svgThis user supports
renewable energy.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user supports sustainable living.
This user recycles.
Map symbol park 02.svgIt's a fact: This user is a tree hugger.People.svg
Eco Warriors Flag.jpgThis user is an Eco-warrior.
Map of the world by the US Gov as of 2016.svgThis user is interested in
Islands of the world.PNGThis user is interested in
Walden Pond, Massachusetts on June 27, 2012.pngThis user is interested in
Peak of the Matterhorn, seen from Zermatt, Switzerland.jpgThis user is interested in
Horseshoe Bend TC 27-09-2012 15-34-14.jpgThis user is interested in
Victoria falls, zambia.jpgThis user is interested in


Indies This user is a huge fan of small films.
Netflix 2014 logo.svgThis user watches Netflix
Anti-capitalism color.gif
This user is an Anarchist who believes capitalism is incompatible with the principles of Anarchism.
Old book bindings.jpgThis user is a bibliophile.
LNTThis user follows Leave No Trace

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470 sailing dinghy.jpg
This user enjoys sailing for sport.
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg
This user supports the
United Nations
Peace symbol.svg This user advocates pacifism.
Antimilitarism 1.jpgThis user is an anti-militarist.
WMD world map.svgThis user wishes humans would just get rid of their overly destructive weapons.
GaySome people are gay. Get over it!
Gayjustice.png This user supports equal rights for queer people.
Userbox-single.svgThis user is single.
Nuvola apps amor.svgThis user is a human who prefers other humans.

Template:Hair fetish

Magnum.JPG This user supports and encourages the practice of safe sex.
anyThis user's pronouns are any
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user is human.
Pioneer plaque line-drawing of a human male.svg This user is a naturist.
Maîtresse Françoise.jpgThis user is a dominant.
Drawn love hearts.svg This user supports the inclusion of sex education in school systems.
Drawn love hearts.svgThis user has a crush on someone.
Autism spectrum infinity awareness symbol.svgThis user believes in neurodiversity.
Light blue ribbon.svgThis user is against child abuse in all forms.
Tone It Down Taupe ribbon, Aug 2014.svgThis user supports autism acceptance.
Crystal Clear app clock.svg It is approximately 2:20 PM where this user lives. (New York)
VirgoThis user is a Virgo.


RayBanWayfarer.jpgThis user wears their Sunglasses at Night.
Visar ansiktsmålning och tatuering1.pngThis user is fascinated by body modification, but doesn't have any.ʰHead.svg
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
Wikignome crop.gifThis editor is a WikiGnome.
TNRThis user supports the trap-neuter-return approach to managing the feral cat population.
WW This user is a Wildlife Warrior.
OLVThis user is an
Emma Goldman 2.jpgIf this user can't dance with Emma Goldman, they doesn't want to be in your revolution.
?This user doesn't see how it is relevant to their editing to disclose their age.
VHS-Kassette 01 KMJ.jpgThis user remembers VHS. ±
This user is of Scottish ancestry.
Flag of Ireland.svg This user is of Irish ancestry.
This user is an ageless immortal.
Font-de-Gaume.jpgThis user remembers the
Holocene Epoch
YAThis user is a young adult.
Flag of Acadia.svgThis user is of Acadian ancestry.
Flag of Connecticut.svgThis user is a citizen of the U.S. State of Connecticut.
Genderfluidity Pride-Flag.svgThis user is genderfluid.
Gendersign.svgThis user is pangender.
Genderqueer Pride Flag.svgThis user identifies as genderqueer.
Flag of the United States.svgThis user ardently opposes the alt-right
Flag of the United States.svgThis user ardently opposes all forms of racial nationalism
Flag of the United States.svgThis user ardently opposes the rise of neofascism
Anarchie symbole AC.pngThis user is an Anarcho-Communist.
Gelett Burgess - Map of Bohemia 1896.jpgThis user is bohemian.
Plasma-lamp 2.jpgThis user is interested in the Brights movement.
BeliefYesReligionNo.svg This user advocates personal belief but does not support organised religion.
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789.jpgThis user believes the world would be a happier, safer and saner place if everyone respected everyone else's freedom of belief.
reincarnationThis user is interested in
This user believes that freedom of religion
does not constitute freedom from reason.
Religious symbols.svgThis user is a Syncretist.
This user believes in tolerance for all viewpoints except intolerance.
Flaming Chalice.svgThis user is a Unitarian Universalist.
Anarchist logo.svg
This user is a supporter of the anarchist movement, but not of the violent stereotypes often placed on them.
HumanismSymbol.PNGThis user is a secular humanist.
This user is a hopeful atheist.
This user is a tolerant atheist.
Purple Pansy.jpgThis user is a freethinker.
Sivakempfort.jpgThis user meditates.
A Ten Billion Year Stellar Dance.jpgThis user believes that we live in a multiverse.
"Bob"This user has a lot of Slack.
JK This user is a Jedi Knight
and believes in Jediism.
Apple of Discord.pngThis user is a
Discordianist Pope
GoogleThis user believes in googlism
Stylised atom with three Bohr model orbits and stylised nucleus.svgThis user is a physicalist who believes everything that exists consists of matter and energy.
John Gower world Vox Clamantis detail.jpgThis user realizes that people from the Middle Ages already thought that the Earth was spherical.
Earth Western Hemisphere.jpgThis user realizes that the Earth isn't an oblate spheroid, but rather a close approximation of one.
Pulse Line Mr. Unknown.jpgThis user
has a pulse.
Pulse Line Mr. Unknown.jpg
This user is nearsighted.
Contact lens.JPGThis user is proud to wear contact lenses.
Anarchist flag.svg
This Libertarian Socialist is a user.
COLORThis user has better than average color vision.
Floaters.pngThis user constantly experiences eye floaters.
A blue eye.jpgThis user has blue eyes.

Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
Blond profile.jpgThis user has blond hair.
Man sleeping striped-sheets.JPG WARNING! This user sleeps a lot.
Breastfeeding-icon-med.svgThis user supports breastfeeding.
GUTThis user is interested in the link between gut microbiota and mental health.
Green ribbon.svg This user is considering arranging for organ donation; are you?
Live after deathThis user supports Body donation after death

Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!

May 25th

ASThis user is an Autistic Savant.
ADHDThis user has ADHD.
This user lives with seasonal affective disorder.
Psychiatry logo.svgThis user has been affected by depression and anxiety.
y45pxThis user is neurodivergent.
This user has recovered from self-injury.
This user dislikes it when people self-harm for attention.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user proud to be a non smoker
:)This user is an optimist.
IWTF This user is skeptical of MBTI, regarding it as pseudoscience.
Camouflage.svgThis user is against involuntary military service.
Camouflage.svgThis user is against Conscription.
Autism Anti-Awareness Ribbon, Aug 2014.svgThis user supports autism acceptance, not awareness.
Light blue ribbon.svgThis user is against child abuse in all forms.
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user reserves the right to question authority.
NHS NNUH entrance.jpg
This user supports
cooperative health care.
Red rose.jpg
This user is interested in beauty.
Yellow bird.JPGThis user is interested in birding.
Boekenwurm.JPGThis user is a bibliophile.
Farnsworth branch.JPGThis user enjoys camping.
NPS map symbol canoe access.pngThis user enjoys canoeing
FireV2.pngThis user knows global warming is a reality we are facing.
Earth Eastern Hemisphere.jpgThis user ardently supports the
Paris Agreement
on Climate Change
Anarchy-symbol.svg This user reserves the right to question authority.
NHS NNUH entrance.jpg
This user supports
cooperative health care.
Circle-A red star.svgThis user is a real anarchist.
This user is an Anarchist who believes violence is incompatible with the principles of Anarchism.
Peace symbol.svg
Anarchist flag.svg
This user is a Libertarian Socialist.
Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, Flag.svg This user supports the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
Flag of Kurdistan Workers' Party.svgThis user supports the the PKK, PYD, YPG and other freedom fighters the world over.
Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.pngThis user supports unschooling and anarchist education.
BlackGnu.svgThis user thinks GNU copyleft and free software are great ways of promoting a gift economy and anarchist economics.
No death penalty.svgThis user believes torture is morally wrong and can never be justified, regardless of the situation.
M1A1 abrams front.jpg
This user recognizes America as the world's leading terrorist state
Demarchy.pngCormac Nocton thinks first-past-the-post is a flawed voting system and wants fairer votes.Vote 12345.jpg
Globo terraqueo 3.gifThis user ardently supports
Liberal Democracy
throughout the world.
A coloured voting box.svg This user does not trust electronic voting machines.
A coloured voting box.png This user supports
instant-runoff voting.

Demarchy.pngThis user opposes the policies and views of any right-wing candidate.
We the PeopleThis user understands that a
republic is a system of law
while a democracy is a political system, and that the two are
opposing choices.
The Gerry-Mander Edit.png
This user despises Gerrymandering.
Capitalism graffiti luebeck.jpgThis user is anti-capitalist.
Hammer and sickle.svgThis user identifies as a communitarian.
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R15068, Leo Dawidowitsch Trotzki.jpg
This user knows Stalinism is not Communism!
Red star with hammer and sickle.svg

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AlfedPalmersmokestacks.jpgThis user supports the taxation of pollution.
DC - No Muslim Ban (32596220295).jpgThis user is a part of the Resistance and opposes Donald Trump and the Alt-Right.
Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild.svgThis user supports antifa in combating fascism in both word and action.
David DennisonThis user opposes
The Great Emperor NortonThis user believes in the rightful rule of the Emperors of the United States of the Nortonian Dynasty, Norton I and Norton II.
ANC UmkhontoweSizwe.pngThis user is interested in the anti-apartheid struggle.
Apollo17WorldReversed.jpgThis user is an internationalist.
Emblem-earth.svgThis user is Anti-nationalist.
This user believes that progressive taxation reduces inequality, increases happiness, and improves life-satisfaction of a country's citizens.
Worker.jpgThis user is a trade unionist
Youth Rights.jpg
This user supports youth rights.
PROThis user is a progressive.
Europesatelliteorthographic101.jpgThis user wants all of Europe to join the EU.Flag of Europe.svg
Anarchist Feminism flag 3.2 ratio.svg This user is an Anarcha feminist.
Circle-A red.svgThis user is an anarchist punk.

I am not doing very good right now.

Okay, now I'm good.

Okay, now I'm completely Emo for the next four years. But I'm not an emo. I just hang out with them.

Cormac Nocton is a yet to be published author, screenplay writer, artist, et al. He is best known for being the world's oldest self-proclaimed beaver, at 164 years, 2 days, as of yesterday. He lives in Antarctica. Cormac made all that up about being an Antarctican beaver. He apologies for that. He did not discover the toaster. He also did not discover New Caledonia. He is sad because he didn't discover an island with a name like New Caledonia. Cormac enjoys spreading and acquiring knowledge. In his free time, he is not doing work, obviously, because that's the purpose of free time. He commissioned someone to draw this picture of himself. Yep. This is definitely Cormac. No joke.

There is no picture. I lied.

"Sorry. Lying is bad." —Immanuel Kant

Apparently I am a road contruction company based in Cornwall. Great. That's exactly what I want to be known for.

I am an inclusionist. [1]

I want to be a captain so I can have a boat.

I am super radically liberal and thus practically a hippie but not quite.

Okay now I am a hippie.

Just kidding, I'm a punk.


Version: 3.1

GC/FA/G/H/L/MU/PA/P/S/SS/O/U d--->---$x s+: a--- C+@>$ U*? P? L? E? W+++>$ !N(++)>++ !o++++>++++ K+++>$ !w !O M++>$ V? PS+++>$ PE-->$ Y+>+++$ PGP+++? t+ 5+ X+ R+++>$* tv+$ b++++>$ DI D? G? e+++++>$ h r->++ z-



Pages by Cormac[edit]

Note: Some of these already had pages that were deleted or converted, and I recreated.

I have 33 pages, 25 of which are about geographical features, twelve are islands or islets, six are water features, two are reefs, two are rocks, two are cliffs, one is a rock and a cliff, one is a mythical German rabbit hybrid, one is a bar, one is the owner of said bar, one is a crime syndicate, one is a book, one is an Austrian Christmas tradition, one is an Abenaki giant, and one is a mass hysteria event.

Cormac's Interests[edit]

  • The Arts, i.e. literature, music, painting...
  • Comedy
  • Geography
  • History
  • The Sciences, i.e. biology, chemistry, quantum astrophysics...
  • Mythology and folklore
  • Architecture
  • Martial arts
  • The environment
  • Wierd stuff like micronations
  • Language and culture
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Games, i.e. tabletop, video, board...
  • Political activism
  • etc.

Cormac's Non-interests[edit]

  • Most sports
  • Math
  • Pop music
  • Conservatives
  • Fanatics
  • Violence
  • Conspiracies
  • Internet trolls
  • Ignorance
  • Censorship
  • Ships made of censers
  • Boats made of incense burners
  • Wait...
  • Grammar prudes
  • People who say grammar nazi, thus lowering the impact of the word nazi, and making real nazis seem less offensive. Same with feminazi, because it makes nazis seem like they want gender equality, which, uh, they don't. Nazis suck.
  • When someone tells you something and they say nevermind
  • Compulsive serial liars

Cormac's Question of the Day[edit]

Is Satanism an Abrahamic religion?

If someone named their kid Unicorn, would unicorns technically exist?

What the heck did the guy that named grapefruits think a grape looked like?

Has anyone ever asked this question before?

What was considered prehistory in what we now consider prehistory?

Why haven't I posted any new questions in several days?

Is it 2021 yet? Please?

What if there was an advanced ancient civilization of cavemen, and we don't know about them because they made everything out of dirt and walked around naked and were hunter-gatherers, so we would just find caveman skeletons and assume they weren't civilized, but in reality they were in fact very civilized?

Why have I completely abandoned this section?