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Welcome to my user page. By way of introduction, I'm here to keep Wikipedia consistent, at least in those subject areas of the encyclopedia I actually care about. This means not only trying to keep articles consistent, but also trying to prevent local consensus trumping global consensus. Indeed, my general editing philosophy can be summarized as ignoring all rules except consensus. (On that topic, or at least tangentially related to it, the consensus policy leaves quite a bit unstated.)

As for those subject areas, they can be broadly divided into three categories: television, first and foremost Canadian and especially original Teletoon series; computing, primarily encompassing Microsoft software; and other, scattered topics, though mostly having to do with Wikipedia itself (although I'm not really sure having that last link there is actually useful). Highlighting my editing on the first two topics are List of programs broadcast by Teletoon and List of features removed in Windows XP, as I have not only made numerous edits to these pages but have also made far more edits to each page than any single other user. Template:MonthlyArchive is a Wikipedia-related page I've worked on a lot.

One of my major efforts on Wikipedia has been combatting overzealous deletion, an unfortunate affliction that has run rampant throughout the encyclopedia. Through my perseverance (and whipping the articles in question into shape to conform with the standards around here) I've been able to rescue a number of articles that had already been deleted for quite some time (Bardel Entertainment, The Dating Guy, and Futz!) as well as several software screenshots in similar situations.

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