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Wikignome user interface.

Wikignome is an experimental user-script that allows editors to update individual sentences (copy editing, spelling, etc.) while reading an article and add, edit, view and update inline notes. Wikignome is intended to support lightweight, low barrier contributions that an editor can make while reading an article.

Wikignome was developed for Wikipedia by EpochFail. It is currently being updated daily and is not recommended for general editing activity at this point, although tests and feedback are welcome.


Wikignome provides two main extensions to MediaWiki's functionality: direct sentence editing and the creating, viewing, modification and removal of inline notes.

In order to operate directly on an article's content, the Wikignome interface performs some pre-processing on every time you visit an article. This pre-processing includes communication with Wikipedia's API. This results in a slight delay before Wikignome functionality is available on an article. Once loading is completed, Wikignome functionality should transparently become available.

Sentence Editing[edit]

The sentence editing pane

Wikignome provides an interface for editing an individual sentence without having to (1) switch to editing mode and (2) search for the sentence they want to edit in a sea of markup. To edit a sentence, just double click on it. Alternatively, you can hold CTRL and right click on it to access the Wikignome menu.

Once the sentence editor is open, the sentence being edited in the document will be highlighted in blue. The sentence editor includes the functionality to preview a change. When 'preview' is clicked, the changes made to the sentence in the textarea will show up in the highlighted sentence. Note: Reference numbers will reset when previewing a change. This will not have an effect on the resulting new revisions made to the page with the interface.

When a change to a sentence is saved, a new revision will be made to the page with the summary provided by the user.

Inline Notes[edit]

The note interface

Wikignome allows an editor to insert, update and remove inline notes that appear in the context of an article; however, the notes system can be interacted with manually as well. The Wikignome system eases interaction with notes by allowing the editor to create, edit and remove them while viewing the article.

This document describes how to use the note functionality with Wikignome installed. For an introduction to the use of the inline note system without Wikignome and a description of what Wikignome does behind the scenes, see the documentation for {{User:EpochFail/Snote}}. Suffice it to say that both interacting with a note via Wikignome or manually via the talk page will have the same result.

Note interaction with Wikignome[edit]

For users of Wikignome, notes will appear as a small pinned note icons in the content of the article (e.g. ""), and once Wikignome finishes pre-processing the page, handles will appear on the right side of the page (e.g. "WG.note.handle.png"). To interact with a note, either click on the "" icon or the "WG.note.handle.png" and the note will slide out from the right side.

Wikignome allows a user to add a new note to the end of sentences in an article. To add a new note, hold CTRL and right-click on the sentence you'd like to append a note to and click on " note.png insert note". When you save a new note, the following actions are taken:

  1. a new subpage will be created beneath the talk page of the article to hold the note's content.
  2. a {{User:EpochFail/Snote}} template will be transcluded within the article content at the point the user specified.
    • this will save a new version of the page with the subject: "Inserting note placeholder for [[<link to note subpage>]]"
  3. a new section will be added to the talk page that transcludes the note subpage
    • this transclusion is done in such a way that the note subpage will be editable from the talk page.

When a note is updated via Wikignome, a new revision is saved to the note subpage, and due to transclusion, the talk page is automatically updated.

Known issues[edit]

Wikignome does not handle edit conflicts well. When an edit conflict occurs, wikignome will refuse to save an edit. A warning message will appear to ask that you refresh the page.

Reference numbers reset when content is previewed. This only affects the visual interface. References are still saved correctly. Refreshing the page should update the reference numbers.


 * Wikignome gadget
 * See User:EpochFail/Wikignome for more information
  • Make sure to bypass your cache.
  • Hold CTRL to see which what page can be interacted with. Double click to edit a sentence or right click to insert a note.
  • Try it out in the Sandbox