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/ˈfɹænsɪs ˈtaɪəz/
Spectie looking emo.jpg
This is me looking emo.
Qualifications: PhD Computational linguistics
MA Linguistics
BEng Software Engineering
Languages: English (Native),
American (C2),
Spanish (C1),
Catalan (B2)
Interests: Machine translation,
Free software,
Lesser-used languages
Programming: C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP,
Python, Bash scripting
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I maintain the Debian packages for Apertium. Ask me about free machine translation!

...through the gate of god, a rain of stars upon man

On several irc networks as spectre or spectie or possibly spectei... catch me in #linguistics

Accused of folk linguistics? Read Language Log.

Pages I have substantially contributed to or started

Featured: Macedonia (terminology)
Good: Tajik alphabet, Mythical origins of language, BLEU, Fleiss' kappa
Standard: History of machine translation, Sudanese literature, History of the Macedonian language, Maria Sibylla Merian, Inter-rater reliability, METEOR, Evaluation of machine translation, Transfer-based machine translation, Interlingual machine translation, Leprechaun
Low: Dice's coefficient, Morphological dictionary, Sliding window based part-of-speech tagging
To be written: Morphotactics, Two level morphology / Two-level morphology, Ezafe

Some ongoing /Research.
Bots: en:User:ArticleGrinder, sh:User:Wiki kombajn, tg:User:Bishbot, tg:User:МКАБОТ

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