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According to Australian researcher Raymond Crook,...

The Irish tune Hills of Connemara 

Hills of Connemara

Holy Ground[edit]

A folk song from the British Isles, in some variants a sea shanty, with a storied past in Welsh and Irish traditions.


According to Australian researcher Raymond Crook, The Holy Ground was originally a Welsh song, subsequently taken up by the Irish balladeer tradition.[1] He asserts that it was alternatively known as "The Lass of Swansea Town" or "Old Swansea Town Once More" .[2]

= As sea shanty[edit]

The Holy Ground was also known as "The Cobh Sea Shanty" and was originally a capstan shanty - a song sung as sailors turned the capstan to raise the anchor. It was popular on the docks of Cork and Cobh as well as on the ships.


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