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Not a major editor of Wikipedia by any means but I like to give back to something which has helped me out so much through my education! I have experience with Illustrator and Photoshop so I have been known to make or update graphics, maps and diagrams.

I'm deeply proud of this logo trace. Probably too proud...

Greens WA logo (historical).svg

Please forgive me if I make mistakes or don't follow policies/guidelines/etc. correctly all the time, I'm still relatively new to this even though I joined in 2009 (I believe), and I'm still learning!

I have a strong interest in travelling so I like reading Wikivoyage even though it makes me sad at the same time, because everything is so expensive and I'm a poor student. Also, airfares from Australia are so expensive. C'est la vie.


Random picture of the day Rpotdlogo.png

Gerald ford funeral4.jpg

A Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor used by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C..
Image credit: AudeVivere (talk · contribs)