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  1. What is profession of a Executive Personal Assistant
  2. Positive & Negative points
  3. Responsibility
  4. Type of Personal Assistant
  5. References

1) What is profession of a Executive Personal Assistant

Being a Executive Personal Assistant is one of the most challenging careers in the world. You are working beyond the role of Secretary or Receptionist or any other administrative term that comes to mind.

Executive Personal Assistants help executives, companies, CEO run an organization or company smoothly. They perform mostly administrative duties and clerical work. They might arrange conference calls, meetings, make travel arrangements, compose correspondence, review memos and reports, create presentations and prepare reports and legal papers.

They may have more general office duties as well, such as organizing and maintaining files, answering phones, purchasing supplies and operating office equipment. They may also train and supervise other staff members.

Personal Assistant

1.1) Demand of the job

  • Well-organized and multitasking is a MUST.
  • Thinking ahead is one of the many talents of a good Personal Assistant.
  • Ask questions and avoid arguments.
  • Anticipate demand and wishes of your clients.
  • A good Personal Assistant tackle any situation without any handholding, do not be afraid to get your hands dirty ......
  • Always put a smile on your face, have a kind of sense of humour, be yourself - be original !
  • Stay abreast of the industry news and development.
  • Work at a high speed, be creative, unique, and always be in a good mood.

2) Positive & Negative points

Personal Assistant must be highly organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasker who can work under pressure and must meet deadlines. Keep in mind being assertive never means being rude, being a bully, belittling someone, or just plain being mean.

Never take „NO“ as the final answer. Be creative, be vigilant !

Keep in mind that a big part of your job is keeping your boss as stress free as possible.

Keep the golden rule: „Do not speak unless spoken to.“

Learn to be sensitive to your employers needs and try to work on accommodating their desires even if sometimes it´s unspoken.

2.1) The good points....

Lots of responsibility, huge variety of jobs and tasks and being awarded high levels of trust within the company....high praise for a well-done job, self-motivation, esteemed.

3) Responsibility

Assistants have to work on many different tasks every day:
opening the mail, sorting and replying to e-mails, organizing travel, organizing events, claiming your boss´s expenses, answering the phone, taking/typing minutes, finding the files and folders, taking dictation, creating documents/presentations, preparing agendas, collating documents and maps for meetings, booking couriers, greeting clients, working on special projects, diary management and much more.

  • Accounting Service & Bookkeeping.
  • Appointment Settings & Reminders.
  • Arranging Legal documents.
  • Business & Personal Correspondence.
  • Calendar Management.
  • Call Screening.
  • Customer Support & Service.
  • Data entry.
  • Database Management.
  • Data Presentation & Preparation documents.
  • Direct Mailing.
  • E-mail Management.
  • Event Management.
  • IT Support.
  • Internet Marketing.
  • Market Research & Analysis.
  • Networking.
  • Note Taking & Call Answering.
  • Personal Errands.
  • Product Demonstrations.
  • Record Keeping.
  • Services & Products Research.
  • Shopping Services.
  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO.
  • Social Media Services.
  • Recruitment Support & HR.
  • Reservations: Business & Personal.
  • Tax Advisory.
  • Transcription Services.
  • Travel Services & Vacation Planning.
  • Website Development & Website Monitoring.

3.1) How to never Get fired

What you can do….., however, is to make yourself valuable. You will give your employer a sense of pride in having you in her/his team.

Take pride in what you do and continue to be a team player. Treat people with the same respect you yourself would want in return.

The more you challenge yourself the more you will grow with every challenge.

4) Type of Personal Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Administrator.
  • Bride Assistant.
  • Data Entry Assistant.
  • Executive Personal Assistant.
  • HR Manager.
  • Internet Research Assistant.
  • Legal Secretary.
  • Marketing Assistant.
  • Office Manager.
  • Personal Assistant.
  • Real Estate Assistant.
  • Remote Assistant.
  • Secretary.
  • Team Secretary.
  • Virtual Assistant.

5) References

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