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Mr rubber ducky.png

Mr Rubber Ducky says:
Here findeth the Ducky in blue
That somebody left in the loo
I'm sorry I pong –
Please, don't move along
But help me to shift some more poo!

The World*-Famous** Blue*** Duck[edit]

I have decided that it would be better to have a page for Mr Ducky here instead of linking directly to his website [1].

Welcome to the (Wikipedia) homepage of Mr Rubber Ducky, the World*-Famous** Blue*** Duck.


Mr Ducky's personal emails to

As you would expect, Mr Ducky is a very busy bird and so may not be able to address all concerns made to him. For the quickest response use his email address and he will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also leave a message on his Talk page.


Duckart is on show at

If you have any artwork featuring Mr Ducky please send them to and it will be uploaded to his personal website

The Blue Duck Foundation has decided not to upload any more rubbish to do with Mr Ducky to Wikipedia.

Get Ducky-approved[edit]

Get Ducky-approved by adding one or more of the following userboxes...

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Small**** Print[edit]

  • *The term "World" should not be taken as geographically accurate.
  • ** The term used to describe the Famousness of the duck may be taken in the wrong way, as opposed to the right way. The wrong way is to take it as meaning that the duck is actually famous.
  • *** The Word "Blue" is used to describe the duck a number of times, this in no way means that the duck is actually blue, in fact he is more of a blue/white shade, commonly known as Light Blue.
  • **** The Term "Small" is used to describe this text, if you think that this is an inaccurate description of the text you should stand up, take two steps back and try and read the text, you see it's small (no responsibility can be taken by KG Internet or the Blue Duck Foundation for any damage caused to you or any furniture while doing this.)