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Hello! I am a brand new Wikipedia person. I started an account on May 13, 2007. I mainly created the account to update a page that I noticed did not have some information. When I update the information I will say so here.

I have updated the "mana (series)" page, adding the great rabite (green) which was neglected, and adding the name of the king rabite's attack. I am a huge fan of SD3 and have beaten it 16 times, so if I see any other incorrect things on the page I will edit those also.

I updated the page again, because I was uncertain of what I had originally written (that only Kevin or Charlotte can meet great rabites). I ran a few tests and found that any character can fight great rabites, but they only appear at night. I am uncertain of the validity of the statement under the lilac rabite, saying that they are the strongest normal rabite. When you meet king rabites in the game, they very well may be stronger than great rabites, if they were the same level. However, king rabites only appear at one point and are a certain level, whereas the great rabites can be accessed at any time after the first 7 god beasts are killed, and the great rabits are level 41 and up. If there was a level 41 king rabite, I am not sure which one would be stronger.

Yay, my account is renamed. Yet another thing that turns up when you Google "The_Mighty_KELP"!

Drat, my patented signature does not appear to work very well. I'll just leave it off...