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Hello, fellow editors, and welcome to my newly tidied up userpage, not cluttered with all the userboxen my previous page had.

My name is Woona. Born in the [USA]] , but raised in Switzerland. I have been editing Wikipedia for about 5 years, despite the fact I only have around 700 edits. Almost all my edits are constructive, anti-vandalism related edits, AfC edits, or New page patrolling. I have rollback, and have recently gained reviewer rights. In the future, I wish to have myself, or someone else, I don't mind, submit an acceptable RfA nomination in the future.

Some of my interests include English Football, My Little Pony, Pokémon, and Formula 1.

I talk a lot over on the website known as twitter, where we are are birds I guess. Follow me if you wish @Kelde0

Thanks, and have fun.

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