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This is a litterbox for testing and drafting. Comments should normally go on my talk page unless they relate to something here.

Memo: Ask TomPointTwo to review 2010-01-06 edit of McCafferry biography and consider whether he overdid with his deletion. Minor point that old and new section titles are both inadequate IMO and perhaps some mixture from them would more accurately address the nature and significance of the controversy. (note that ONDCP actively engaged in illegal covert progaganda while McCaffery was Director of ONDCP and only SOL saved him from a slap on the wrist for violation of law -say it more tactfully- so covert propaganda is especially significant for him from a biographical standpoint). Main point is that his "amendment" was deletion of a lot of direct and contextual information. If it had been integrated into the main article on the RMA/RMO scandal I probably wouldn't see a big problem but he simply removed it from Wickipedia entirely and the RMA/RMO scandal doesn't have a single mention of McCafferry (although he features very prominently in the reporting of the scandal). To me this looks like a whitewash but I don't think there was any intention of that. To h/h what was there may have looked like an attack since there is an article on the scandal (and keep in mind that I didn't find it but TomPointTwo did so h/s used a more successful search strategy than I did and apparently knows a lot more about Wickidedia than I do in general). Perhaps we could "collaborate" on some restoration of information that reaches a middle ground better than what was before and what is now. Moss&Fern (talk) 14:11, 11 January 2010 (UTC)